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Body Services



Signature Massage:

  Our therapists will customize your massage session based on your individual needs for pain relief, relaxation, stress relief, or a combination of all three.

          30 Minute Session          $50.00

          60 Minute Session          $80.00

          90 Minute Session          $125.00


Hot Stone Massage:

  Heated river rocks are used throughout the massage to warm and loosen tight muscles while melting tension away.

          60 Minute Session          $115.00

          90 Minute Session          $150.00


Reflexology Treatment:

  Helps relieve stress, tension and improves circulation by restoring the bodys natural balance through reflex points on the feet.

          30 Minute Session         $55.00


Couples Massage:

  Relax and enjoy one of our signature Massages along side that special person.

          60 Minute Session          $185.00




Epsom Salt Soak:

    Melt away muscle tension while soaking in a warm Epsom Salt bath. Epsom Salts have proven to reduce inflammation in the muscles and remove toxins from your body.

         20 Minutes Session             $60.00

         20 Minute Session with       $130.00

         one hour massage or

         European Facial




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